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SWE Duratuff Tile Grout

SWE Duratuff Tile Grout

SWE Duratuff Tile Grout is a Polymer Modified, cementitious powder grout, designed for joint width up to 3mm, for floor and wall tiles.

Uniform Colour



(a):- Surface Preparation: The surface to be grouted should be clean, free from all kinds of dirt. Allow tile adhesive a minimum of 24 hours to be cured before grouting. It is recommended to moisten tile joints before applying the grout so as to assist the flow of the grout into the joints & to reduce shrinkage of the grout at the tile-grout interface for unsealed tiles (water absorption). Do not moisten joints if a ready mix tile adhesive was used to place the tiles. It is advisable that quarry/porous non-glazed tiles are sealed prior to grouting in order to prevent any staining.

(b) Mixing:- Take 0.3 liter clean water in a pot (Powder : Water = approx. 3 : 1 by volume), gradually start adding 1 Kg. tile grout powder under continuous stirring to a homogeneous, lump free, soft & smooth paste-like consistency, mix for 3-5 minutes. A trowel or a slow speed drill (100-250) rpm should be used for mixing. Allow it to flatten for 5 minutes. Remix before use. Mix as much quantity, which can be used within 25-30 minutes.

(c) Application:- Apply tile grout to the surface to be grouted & work the grout into the joints with a rubber sponge trowel or rubber grout squeeze. Cover an area of approx. 0.9 mt2 at a time. Ensure joints are completely filled in a compact way. Excess grout should be removed as much as possible in this stage without hampering the compactness of the application. The grouted joints must be left to dry & harden for around 2 hours before removing excess grout with a damp (not wet) sponge. Do not leave any excess moisture on the surface of the grouted joints which may cause efflorescence on drying. Allow the joints to be dried for 24 hours before polishing with a clean dry cloth. For exterior applications, ensure that the application is protected from direct sunlight; rain etc. for an initial 24 hours.


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